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CouponSolutions – The leader in on-line coupon technology

CouponSurfer.com introduces, CouponSolutions™, a unique coupon solution to meet your promotional, and incentive needs. CouponSolutions cuts costs and improves customer satisfaction by significantly reducing the time, paper, postage, printing, and distribution expenses. All CouponSolutions products and services include real-time tracking and monitoring of consumer response to calculate the ROI of individual promotions. All CouponSolutions products are web based and do not require you to install any software or programs on your web servers..

Features and Benefits

Complete Turnkey Coupon Solution

Designed specifically for web sites interested in distributing coupons, CouponSolutions provides a sophisticated turnkey solution to utilize demographic targeting and real-time tracking of promotions to individual consumers. This product is perfect for newspapers, supermarkets, local web sites, agencies, yellow pages, and more. CouponSolutions provides the security, tracking mechanisms, and campaign enhancement tools to provide your site with a strategic advantage, making it easy for companies to build branding, improve coupon security, and reduce effective promotions cost. Get a complete coupon web without the high expense and time required developing one in-house.

Add Coupon capability to your web site

CouponSolutions make it easy for web sites desiring to add coupon capability for advertising sponsors, CouponSolutions makes adding coupons to your web site easy by providing a sophisticated browser based system to utilize demographic targeting and real-time tracking of coupons to individual consumers. Use CouponSolutions to boost your advertising revenues, increase repeat visitors, and improve customer satisfaction. Track the number of impressions and click through percentages for each coupon, providing instant feedback on the success of individual promotions. Co-branded to your web site specifications and cross promote with your selected partners.

Unlike other Internet coupon programs, CouponSolutions does not require you to install any software or configuration of your web server. Plus you can be up and running in a number of days.

Complement Direct Response and Lead Fulfillment

Use CouponSolutions to integrate on-line coupons in to Direct Response and Lead Fulfillment programs. With this program, your customers are notified by direct mail, email, or web site to go on-line to enter a specific URL and password to receive a unique personalized coupon. It's a great way thank you and a way to fulfills many needs including; customer surveys, focus groups, warranty registration and more. This program can be customized to your company or brand’s artwork.

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