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Acquire New Customers with CouponSurfer's On-line Couponing Program

Program specifically designed to increase sales and increase traffic for e-commerce merchants.

The CouponSurfer program involves placing electronic coupons or special promotions on the CouponSurfer.com network of sites. Consumers connect to the site to gain free access to personalized coupons from leading on-line merchants and national brands including clothing, fast food, music, shopping, travel and much more. Consumers simplify the shopping process while saving money.

This program ties in to the CouponSurfer.com network of Internet based promotion web sites, enabling consumers to click to redeem personalized coupons from leading on-line merchants. This provides the ideal method to reach the growing number of on-line consumers who can no longer be reached through the traditional media vehicles of newspaper and television.

Different from banner advertisements on other sites, consumers come specifically to CouponSurfer.com to shop. Unlike many other national brand coupon sites, CouponSurfer.com does not require users or merchants to download special software and also offers a pay for performance pricing model.

In addition to CouponSurfer.com, CouponSurfer coupons are distributed through high traffic affinity partners including College Sites, Banks and others.

CouponSurfer Merchant Benefits:

"CouponSurfer has been a great way for us to gain access to consumers we would have been unable to reach otherwise. They send us people who come with an incentive to buy already in hand"
Bruce Lazare, NetGrocer

Join us and make your e-commerce site a success
Find out why Buy.com, eToys, Petstore.com, Reel.com, SmarterKids.com, and others use CouponSurfer to increase their revenues, acquire new customers, and reduce their promotion costs. These merchants stand by CouponSurfer as an excellent source for attracting new customers and driving sales to their site.

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Gain the competitive advantage in promoting your products and/or services to on-line consumers. Hurry now before time runs out! It just takes a few minutes to get started. Please contact us at 781.687.9616. See our on-line media kit at http://www.couponsolutions.com/MK_index.htm for more information on this exciting promotion.

About CouponSurfer.com
CouponSurfer.com simplifies on-line shopping by providing major brand promotions in one location. Consumers view, search and personalize their coupons at an interactive, user-friendly site. Email notifies shoppers when selected products or categories offer new savings opportunities, and the site is fully customizable to allow browsing by personal favorites, or user-selected products and categories. Based in Bedford, Mass., CouponSurfer.com went live in 1998.

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