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‘Providing a Strategic Advantage in Promoting Brands to On-line Consumers’

CouponSurfer.com is an Internet based promotions web site that enables consumers to click or print to redeem personalized coupons from leading on-line merchants and national brands.

Unlike traditional Free Standing Inserts (FSI), CouponSurfer.com:

Easy Shopping

On-line consumers connect to the site and register to gain free access to a full range of offerings, including department stores, on-line, fast food, grocery, travel and much more. User registration consists of answering basic questions designed to provide a overview of each consumer.

Step 1

Consumers enter couponsurfer.com in their web browser and select coupons by brand name or category.

Designed for Both Advanced and New Users

Consumers view coupons at their convenience with an interactive easy-to-use format. CouponSurfer.com includes many features only possible on-line such as:

  • Personal favorite coupons lists
  • Coupon search by product or category
  • Receiving Email when specified coupons become available.

CouponSurfer.com saves consumers time and money by eliminating the need for searching through newspapers or hundreds of web sites.

Step 2

Consumers print desired coupons and redeem at their local retailer or brand company.


CouponSurfer.com coupons contain the new fraud reducing UCC/EAN-128 extended code.

Step 3

Coupon redemption (consumer package goods)

Coupons are redeemed through leading coupon clearinghouses which process redeemed coupons to screen for potential misredemptions and verify the legitimacy of all retailers.

Step 4

Real-time reports

Brands get real-time access to reports to track consumer response by time, geographic or demographic data.

CouponSurfer.com Key Benefits

  • Target On-line Consumers
Provides an ideal method to reach the growing number of on-line consumers.
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage
Establishes a leadership brand presence in the on-line world as the Internet transitions to a mainstream media.
  • Achieve High Impact Promotions
Provides more impact than a standalone promotion for one company or product. Combine coupons with on-line promotional tools to drive sales and increase consumer loyalty.
  • Attract New Customers
Increases exposure over the regional and national brand web sites that only attract existing customers, ensuring a steady stream of new customers receptive to try new products and services.
  • Enhance Consumer Response
Unlike traditional web sites, consumers are receptive to targeted promotions for existing or new brands.
  • Employ Targeting
Dynamically targets coupons and promotions by zip code, ADI, age, sex, time of day, and other information.
  • Access Real Time Reports
Track and monitor consumer response by geographic or demographic data. Calculate the ROI for individual promotion programs.
  • Simplify New Product Introductions
Tracks the coupons individual consumers select, giving brands the ability to target specific consumers for new product introductions, product line extensions, complimentary products, competitive situations, and other promotional activities.
  • Reduce Coupon Fraud
Secure Internet model supports dynamically generated UCC/EAN-128 coupon extended code to create a ‘personal coupon’ for each consumer, providing unparalleled audit controls to protect the manufacturer from fraud.
  • Increase Return on Investment
Lower cost per coupon redeemed than Direct Mail, FSI’s, and in store promotions.

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