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September 28, 2000
CouponButler Toolbar Carries Offers to Other Sites

February 8, 2000
CouponSurfer Cuts Out the Drudgery of Clipping

November 8, 1999
Online Coupons - - Start your holiday shopping from the comfort of your PC.

October 17, 1999
CouponSurfer Gets Access Internet Magazine's Highest Ratings for Coupon Sites

September 6, 1999
Downloading savings: Bay State firms buying into online-coupon concept

July 14, 1999
Automatic Coupon Clipper

June 16, 1999
Finding Maximum Value on the Web

May 28, 1999
Riding the wave of online commerce: CouponSurfer

May 14, 1999
E-Coupon Providers Cut and Save Lawsuit

February 17, 1999
Web Sites Let You Net Shopping Coupons

February 1, 1999
CouponSurfer wants users to clip on the Net

December 1998
Snap! Best on the Web

October 20, 1998
"Vendors shouldn't slash prices across the board, but strategic discounting will help commerce players to convert non-buyers into online purchasers."
Evan Cohen, Group Director, Data Research, Jupiter Communications

October 20, 1998
"…Web users indicated they would purchase more goods online if Web sites introduced more discounts."
Study: Price Driving e-Commerce, Jim Hu, CNET

October 19, 1998 is featured Cold Fusion site

Forrester Research

September 11, 1998
"In the next year, you’re going to see online coupons explode. It’s going to be huge."
Jim Nail, Forrester Research, "Coupon Clicking the next Advertising Trend?

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