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Put Coupons on your Web Site by Joining the
CouponSurfer.com Co-Branded Partner Network

Boost Traffic, Return Rates, Increase Customer Satisfaction, & Create a New Revenue Stream

CouponSurfer.com, Inc., the recognized innovator in on-line couponing, introduces the CouponSurfer.com Co-Branded Partner Network to provide your website visitors with free access to the hottest discounts and promotions on the Internet. We offer a larger variety of national brand coupons and promotions than anyone else on the Internet.

The co-branding program utilizes the event-driven nature of promotions, giving visitors a reason to continually return to your site. On-line promotions are a major factor with e-commerce sales. Join with the pioneer in on-line coupon marketing to take advantage of this huge growth opportunity.

"In the next year, you’re going to see on-line coupons explode. It’s going to be huge."
- Coupon Clicking the next Advertising Trend? Jim Nail, Forrester Research

"60 percent of respondents to a survey of on-line households indicated that they would respond to Internet coupons offering discounts on products and services." - Yankee Group 1997 Report

"…Web users indicated they would purchase more goods on-line if Web sites introduced more discounts."
Study: Price Driving e-Commerce, Jim Hu, CNET News.com

CouponSurfer.com Co-Branding Programs

Basic Co-branding
CouponSurfer.com creates a co-branded coupon site yoursite.couponsurfer.com, which you link from your web site. Visitors coming to yoursite.couponsurfer.com see your logo co-branded on the site and get free access to all CouponSurfer.com coupons. You may also sell couponing programs to your sponsors on a commission basis. Benefits of basic co-branding:

  • Creates an additional revenue stream for your site (advertising revenue from the co-branded site)
  • Provides your web users with special savings on major brands
  • Users associate on-line coupons with your site, increasing your brand equity and ensuring repeat visitors.

Premium Co-branding
CouponSurfer.com creates an exclusive co-branded coupon site for you to provide your sponsors with a turnkey on-line couponing program from yoursite.com. Users who click on transactional banners or coupons will be taken to yoursite.couponsurfer.com for your exclusive coupons. The premium program includes all the benefits of the basic program plus:

  • Increases your advertising revenues
  • Integrates coupons into your banner ads
  • Enables you to customize the coupon service to your specifications
  • Provides your site with a strategic advantage over your competitors
  • Creates an additional service for your sales force or advertising network to sell

To learn more about how CouponSurfer.com can increase your traffic and revenues, call 781.687.9616 or email info@couponsurfer.com

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